December 15, 2014

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my nephews Brian and Emiryc!!! 

Can't believe Brian is already 8 years old!!!
& Emiryc will be ONE tomorrow!!

I miss you guys bunches, and I am so sad it has been a whole year and I still haven't had the chance to meet Emiryc (which is why I have no photo of him) :(

I hope you boys have awesome birthdays.. and hopefully it won't be toooo much longer before I get to see you guys. (and naturally b-day cards aren't in the mail yet.. I am trying haha)

*awe.. look how cute Brian is.. this is from 2012*

December 13, 2014

Baby Bump: 17 Weeks

Please excuse this weeks mess of a photo.. week 17 was not the easiest week :(
I ended up in the ER because of an infection, then had a reaction to one of the medications... and had to go back. I pretty much felt like crap all week. Boo. I almost didn't take one. But decided I would be mad at myself if I skipped this week. So ponytail and crappiness is the result! HAHA!

This week baby is the size of a pear!
felt like crap obviously HA..
We finally decided on a name...
Kolton Keith
Hopefully Keith does not change it again.
Zero weight gain.
Not sure how that is even remotely possible.
Still feel huge. But told I am "all baby" :)
I eat all the darn time.
Chicken sandwiches are seriously amazing ;)

xoxo Jamie

December 3, 2014

Baby Bump: 16 Weeks!

I can't believe I am already in my 16th week!! There for awhile, time went by super slow, but it has definitely sped up. Could just be that it is the holiday season :)

This week baby is the size of a Avocado.
& I am finally starting to feel better!
We found out baby is a BOY!!
& we bought lots of baby clothes.
Keith decided he didn't like the name we had picked out
so, we are in the process of trying to pick another.
...I really don't like that baby doesn't have a name. :(
I feel like I am huge!! This photo is very deceiving.. maybe the angle?
I am finally getting my appetite back..
I gained 2 pounds, but then lost them.. probably fluctuation..

Anyway.. here is the 16th week bump!

xoxo Jamie

December 2, 2014

Bye, Bye, Facebook!

For the most part anyway. 
I still have access to my photography page for obvious reasons. 
My pregnancy group and my boutique and model group. But that is it.

It was actually very hard to press the deactivate button, but I did it, and it felt so great!
I used to love Facebook. Being able to communicate with old friends, share photos etc.
However, lately, to me, Facebook just seems like a place for people to stir up drama.
It is incredibly annoying. The amount of untrue stories being circulated. The posts BASHING
other people for being different.... It is insane. I also hated that I no longer had actual
control of what would show up in my news feed. Got to love having an 8 year old little girl standing over your shoulder as you are scrolling and a naked photo of Channing Tatum pops up.
That's great if someone else wants to see that. I don't. And my 8 year old niece certainly does
not need to see it. Anyway, point is, Facebook, has become a place I do not like. Maybe
I will reactivate it after awhile.. and you may see it reactivated for short periods of time(so that
I can pull info I need off of that page) But for now you can keep up with me here on the blog
or on my Instagram account @JamieBraggPhoto :)

xoxo Jamie

November 30, 2014

Baby Bragg is a.....


We went today for an elective ultrasound so we could find out if baby was a boy, or a girl..!! It was such an amazing experience! They spent far more time with us than the Dr. normally does and baby was super active!!! Cutest thing ever, was that he would jump around all crazy whenever I would giggle. It is amazing that I can't feel any of the movement yet.

I have been feeling better this last week, so I am going to attempt
 to start taking weekly belly photos :) Stay tuned for those!!!

xoxo Jamie

November 24, 2014

Family Photos 2014

We met up with Rae Vision Photography again for our yearly photos. This is the first time I gave up complete control over our photos. (I may have a control issue haha) I love the way they came out, just really wish that Mia and Lexi would have cooperated. They were not on their best doggie behavior that day.  This is the sixth year in a row we have had our photos taken. I absolutely love this tradition and having photographs documenting the growth of our family. Even with these first six years being just Keith and I, we have changed so much during that time. I highly recommend having your family photos taken at least once a year. Even if it is just a cell phone photo.

Stay tuned.. I know when we "should" be finding out if baby Bragg is a boy or a girl.. and it might possibly be pretty soon :) 

xoxo Jamie

November 1, 2014

Our Announcement!!

I love documenting major events with photography. I am so glad we were able to get together with Rae Vision Photography to have these done. I love them and I am so happy I will be able to show them to this baby one day :) We have been excited for his/her arrival since the day we found out for sure!!!!

xoxo Jamie